Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer Garden Party Natural Fun Decor Ideas

Garden parties are the best platforms where one can enjoy with their close friends and relative in most natural surroundings without any external disturbances. If you are planning such a party then this article will be of great help to you as we have assimilated different fun décor  ideas on garden parties for your convenience. These elements add vigor and life to your party such that the invited guests will not forget this party for a long time. Every part of this surrounding will have the feeling of fun and excitement inside it and people will enjoy this moment in fullest.

Garden arch                         

This is not only a decor element but also serve as the entrance for the party guests welcome. You can decorate the arch with fresh flowers or faux vines. While fresh flowers would add color, fragrance and beauty to the arch and blend well with the other colorful decorations of the garden,the latter would give the impression of crawling vines.

They are cut in sizes and decorated on the fences and arch to give lively feel and outlook to the whole surrounding. The flying ribbons are beautiful to watch and feel.

This is yet another lively element to the party with giving a reason and a place for the families to sit together and paly various games and chat with each other.

If your fun décor idea for garden party is without plants then it would be rather incomplete and dull. In a garden theme all attributes need to be in natural form.Kid Halloween Party  Plants and pots all around the party venue will definitely add to the fun atmosphere of the party and make it lively and comfortable.

Fun décor ideas on garden party have the lighting as the main attraction with all plants and statues, panels lighted up to create a great ambience all around the place.Put candles into the lanterns or any other decorative candle holder and place them on tabletops or line them throughout the garden to create some romantic atmosphere in the atmosphere

Natural word is incomplete without the birds chirping around you. Arrange to set up the birdbaths and give these beautiful creatures a reason to join your fun party and add some music and nature to it with their presence and constant chirping.

Solar lighting with furniture accessories
Solar lighting can be a good option to blaze the garden party ambience. You can purchase or hire a solar lighting projection lantern with an carved pattern on the glass that gives out lovely spins. Combine the lights with furniture decoration and other accessories to create a fabulous ambience.

Table cloth
The classic choice for a garden party table décor is a white tablecloth. You can even add layers of printed patterns such as floral prints over your white tablecloth. You can choose beautifully carved napkins, place mats and a solid color cutlery to add on to the beauty of your party table.

Flowers as centerpiece
You can place various white tulips inside a crystal pot and decorate each tabletop. You can even use different flowers for different tables. For a dreamlike touch, get bowls of the same size and fill them with water. Add petals of flowers in the bowl and some floating ritual.

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