Friday, 19 July 2013

Rustic Kitchen Interior Design Tips For The Heart of Your Home

When it comes to designing your home's interior, the architectural style of your house will largely dictate your choices. If you have a midcentury modern home, you'll probably lean toward sleek and modern. A bungalow might be filled with Shaker style furniture and craftsman details. And if you have a home in the country or in the woods, then you can't go wrong with a rustic design motif

Kitchen interior design has been evolving.  Once upon a time, the rustic kitchen design was kept distinctly separate from social and dining areas.  But this isn't how we live now.  I know I don't, and I'm guessing you probably don't either.

The kitchen has become the hub of life in the home, and a design that reflects this reality is one that will be most functional and enjoyable.

A kitchen is more than a set of cupboards and drawers – it’s the heart of your home. So we think it makes sense to dream big. Whether it’s floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets or endless stretches of worktop. That’s why we make sure our kitchens and appliances are affordable.

Instead, look to expand what you already have.modern kitchen interior Vault your ceiling, add windows, squeeze in clever storage ideas. Make the space work harder, not bigger. Plus, relax. Casual kitchens are trending, with doo-dads and gee-gaws (think elaborate trim and vent hoods that look like medieval castles) going away, and simpler, sleeker designs coming on strong.

Your modern design needs to accommodate all these activities, which is why remodels are more popular than ever. Today, islands, farmhouse sinks and stainless steel appliances are common additions, while customizable cabinets and countertops are key components of our inspirational dream kitchen.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Excellent Kitchen Lighting Ideas For A Beautiful Kitchen

the kitchen is very special when it comes to lighting because it can create a pleasant place for you to prepare your meals and eat. There are a lot of kitchen lighting ideas that you can choose from if you want to revamp your kitchen.
If you are looking for kitchen lights that will match your kitchen design, here are some of the kitchen lighting design and kitchen light fixtures that you can use:

Mixing and matching light fixtures creates a collected look especially appropriate for an eclectic kitchen like this one. This kitchen looks like it evolved over time and mixes industrial pieces such as the light fixtures and metal chairs  with the traditional cabinetry. The light fixtures seen here relate to each other while keeping with the unfitted look of this historical home.

Zone out the eating area in a large kitchen-diner with large striking pendant lights. Hanging them low will allow the shades to take centre stage, but make sure they're high enough not to get in the way of conversation!

This is your design center for smart ideas for your kitchen. Kitchen Interior Design From updates that pay back to clever storage to gorgeous color and everything in-between you’ll find hundreds of images and ideas to show you how America’s best kitchen designers are using their creative talents in the kitchen.

Oversize windows and skylights invite in the sunshine. Walls are painted a light-bouncing white, while white ceramic subway tiles brighten the kitchen and baths.

Newport-based architect Steven Laurin designed the island, reminiscent of a farm table except for its top of CaesarStone. Interior designer Meg Braff chose the large double pendant fixture to balance out the large island and warm up the kitchen of this summer home.